tumblr_miwdf0433V1s3n1qno1_500_large Just a friendly reminder : we are going to be recording the 2nd Annual Haiku Show in July. Submit your original haikus to goldensnailradio@gmail.com to be a part of it. Deadline for submissions is July 4th 2013, so act today.

Also, we are going to archive the old audio episodes and redo the site. We will then be The Golden Snail Radio Network featuring the same weird stuff only with a little more context. That’s always been a problem, you know? Even as a kid, adults would wonder what the hell I was talking about. I’ll tell you a secret, I don’t even know sometimes. But I do know I am going to annoy the balls off of Paul and August for more audio goodies. I’m going to dust off Hannah and see if she can do high drama. I’m also going to covertly record coworkers and acquaintances to embarrass them on the interwebs. That much you can be sure of.