Man’s Best Friend : a brief examination of the artificial vagina

Special thanks to Mr. Fefe at buildavagina.com.

Opening theme by Benjie Loveless

Closing theme by Uniform Victor

Special thanks for music by Interlard

{2 Responses to “Man’s Best Friend : a brief examination of the artificial vagina”}

  1. Damn it, John! No wonder you didn’t tell me this show was posted. You used my voice. I didn’t want this out there. I had to find out by stumbling across it. That’s bullshit dude! You swore you were weren’t recording. I guess it’s not all that bad; the show came out great. I guess if you’re gonna’ make art you gotta’ break some eggs. Because of that, I almost forgive you.

    • Yeah, sorry about that. Thanks for being a good egg for art. Just so you know, I don’t have any hard feelings for you creeping out our listeners. Let bygones be byproducts, there’s the 2nd annual haiku show to think of.


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